Social Economic Stimulus

  • $1000 a month for every citizen above the age of 18 
  • No further social or domestic spending
  • Dissolve the Federal Reserve


  • A person born in the United States or a State that has since been annexed by the United States


  • A full estate tax at the end of life
  • Income and taxation only on an individual basis 
  • No other federal taxes
  • Only  amounts up to or below or gifts valued up to or below $1000 a month may be gifted to another individual or organization


  • An online real estate market will auction off all property of the deceased
  • States can regulate who can buy property from the online market in their respective State (time of residency, language proficiency test, ext)
  • Property should be classified as commercial or residential and should be in use or risk being placed back onto the online market
  • States regulate what “in use” means

Supreme Court

  • Rulings can be overturned by a State’s popular vote 


  • The State and the United States must both achieve a popular vote in favor of the union


  • A $500 voucher to the parent of every citizen under the age of 18
  • Only a single voucher per mother
  • States decide what items or services the voucher can be spent on

Divorce and Paternity

  • The mother will receive half of the Economic Stimulus Stipend of the father
  • States regulate income and divorce settlements


  • States regulate what language is taught
  • English is used for all Federal communications 


  • No federal healthcare regulations